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Contact Us: Tonequake Records c/o McDonough Management 641 Camino Verde Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 andrew at tonequake dot com
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About the Label:

Tonequake Records is the music development and distribution innovation of Andrew Scheps. Andrew has been producing, recording and mixing records his entire career, and has been a part of groundbreaking and often game-changing musical milestone-moments in modern music history. As the landscape of the music industry changes, Tonequake Records was created to be the new location for the next generation of great music.

The label is run by Andrew and Debbie Scheps. The web site was designed by their great friend Jesse Kanner and nephew Luke Sanders.

About Releases:

Tonequake Records generally only distributes music in 2 ways: Digital downloads and Vinyl records. CD’s might be manufactured for some releases to satisfy needs other than direct sales, but if there are any left over we’ll gladly sell them to you!

Tonequake digital releases are available on this site in two forms: 320k mp3s and 44.1kHz/16 bit files (available as wav, flac or apple lossless). All digital releases are also available in all the usual mainstream digital stores, including iTunes, Amazon, etc, at whatever audio quality they normally provide..

Tonequake analog releases are potentially available for all of the records we release. Due to the high manufacturing cost of vinyl, however, there is a pre-order threshold that each release must meet before any manufacturing takes place. These pre-orders are handled by Kickstarter, and the projects can be found directly on their site, or navigated to from a link on the Artist’s page here. Some releases have deluxe packages available with signed or exclusive items from the artists, just check the kickstarter project to see what’s available.

All physical orders will be shipped within 3 business days, unless otherwise specified in the news section of the web site (we occasionally go out of town).

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